lapel flower pin is a seriously dapper yet often underrated accessory. Many of us believe they’re reserved for specific formal events, but no rule says you can’t use them to add some flair to your everyday outfits. Flower lapel pins create the perfect balance between feminine and masculine in formal attire. Ruth Nathan’s has a unique selection of flower lapel pins that work with every style, from the soft yet sophisticated Natalie Rose lapel pin to the vivid Port of Spain lapel pin. Find out how to rock yours. 

Wearing a lapel flower pin is pretty easy. Most jackets and blazers will have a buttonhole, or a stitched outline, specifically designed for lapel flower pins. Don’t fret if your jacket doesn’t have a buttonhole. You can still join the lapel flower pin crew. All of Ruth Nathan’s flower lapel pins come with a secure military clutch backing that you can easily slot through your lapel. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing it! Just place yours where the buttonhole would be – about a few inches below the top of the lapel.

To the left, to the left

Lapel flower pins are traditionally worn on the left side of the jacket. It’s believed that this is a romantic notion; the flower is meant to be placed close to the wearer’s heart. This tradition came about since lapel flower pins became popular in the 1800s. The trendsetter du jour was Prince Albert. During his wedding photoshoot with Queen Victoria, he cut a small hole in the lapel of his jacket to wear one of the flowers his wife gave him. Soon men began wearing flowers on their jackets for dates, formal occasions, and even work. Lapel flower pins became an official menswear accessory and designers began to create long-lasting versions out of materials like silk. Ruth Nathan’s lapel flower pins are made with luxurious materials like silk crepe de chine, cotton sateen, and calfskin leather. 

Lapel flower pins are not just for proms and weddings

Chances are you may have only worn a lapel flower pin for a special event like your high school prom or a wedding. These tend to be the most popular times for lapel flower pins to be worn, but if you’re a big fan of them you can wear them whenever you like! You can use them to liven up your work outfits, or be old school and use them as the perfect date night accessory. The only time you shouldn’t wear one is if the dress code specifically prohibits them. For example, some conservative businesses might find them too flamboyant or maybe you’re attending a funeral that calls for a more somber dress code. 

Side note; they’re not just for men! Ladies that love suiting up can also accessorize with lapel flower pins. 

Get creative

One of the best things about lapel flower pins is their versatility. Though they’re traditionally worn with jackets, you can switch things up and try them on other garments. You can wear them on the lapels of your other coats and jackets. In fact, they don’t necessarily have to even stay on your lapels. At the end of the day, a lapel flower pin is still a pin and can be attached to lapel-free jackets, coats, or even sweaters. Women can treat their lapel flower pins like brooches and wear them on jackets or blouse collars. 

Choose complementary colors

What comes first, the lapel flower pin or the suit? Choosing the right lapel flower pin all comes down to personal preference. You can’t go wrong with dark or neutral colors, like the Queen’s Grey lapel pin or the Royal Champagne lapel pin, which will complement any color of the suit and easily match with your other accessories (like pocket squares and ties). But of course, those who love more color in their lives can truly stand out with a bright or printed lapel flower pin. A vibrant lapel flower pin will really stand out against a dark suit. 

Don’t be afraid to mix prints when it comes to accessories! The trick is to choose another small print in a similar color. If you’re not sure what colors pair well together, you can always revisit the color wheel and choose colors that sit opposite each other. 

Match your lapel flower pins to your other accessories

If you don’t want to think about which patterns and colors will look best together, just get a lapel flower pin that will match your other accessories like your pocket square or tie. Ruth Nathan’s offers two kits with lapel flower pins, face masks, and bowties in matching prints: the bold and bright Nate or dark and mysterious Robert. Accessorizing has never been easier with these kits! 

Will you be adding a lapel flower pin to your accessory collection?