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Kits traditionally provide an experience. We provide you with the experience of being a “Nate.” The brand is called Ruth Nathan’s after my grandparents, and I wanted to give you a younger version of Nathan. Imagine you’re walking down the street, on your way to pick up some ramen, wearing your Port of Spain Bow Tie. You may even choose to wear it on the blue side that day (pattern hidden). Since you’re outside-outside, you’re wearing your face mask. Add a little flavor to your wool coat on this same fine day, and don your lapel flower. Ruth Nathan’s conveys, “Hey. Yeah, we know it’s still a bit pandemicky outside. But I can still dress well and feel good about myself!  I can still show off.” We strive to lessen the decision fatigue for you as well. These pieces go very well together; it’s an easy choice. Problem solved. If you’re buying the Nate as a gift for your partner/friend/brother/son, you don’t need to worry about how it will coordinate. You win for the most thoughtful gift-giver.

Port of Spain Curved Mask

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Port Of Spain Lapel Pin

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Port of Spain Jumbo Bow Tie

Port Au Prince Junior Pocket Square

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Get rid of decision fatigue! Just grab a Nate kit, and you’re good to go.