Ruth Nathanʼs. Clever. Bold. Fun. Dapper. Distinctive.


Ruth Nathan’s Chief Designer, Nicole R. Brown, is a young black woman in the midst of a passionate love affair with all things stately, swanky and dandy.

Her fascination with the transformative quality of a well-dressed person propelled her to create the brand—making her the odd duck in an industry largely dominated by male designers. It is her desire that Ruth Nathan’s does not only make customers look spectacular but feel spectacular as well, positively influencing them to feel better about themselves. It is a known fact that when one dresses well, one feels better—and from an outfit that is well put together, that makes one walk with pride, the Urban Peacock emerges.

Nicole’s artistry is inspired by her travels. For her, the childhood game of “I Spy” never ended, and her globe-trekking has only accelerated the rate of play. As a child, she would hear someone say, “I see a blue house,” but would herself would see much more. Visions of deep greens, indigo, smoke purples and slate greys ran wild. Today, she enjoys taking everyday objects and places—some industrial and others more delicate—and turning that inspiration into luxurious textiles. One such environment is a shipping port; the lines and colors of the shipping containers transported her immediately and completely, painting themselves in her mind. Through this lens, the Ports Collection was born.

When inspiration strikes, Nicole translates her vision into a textile pattern by sketching it on her computer. Once satisfied with the final interpretation, she sends her files out for printing on fine silks and organic cottons. The journey continues when she and the clothier unfold the yardage and begin to make patterns and specs for construction of the ties and squares. The lapel flowers are also made by a family-owned U.S. company that has been around for over 100 years. It is a very intricate process, with over 25 steps from inspiration to final creation.

What’s In a Name?

Ruth and Nathan are Nicole’s maternal grandparents. Originally from Greenville, Mississippi, Grandpa Nathan was a tailor and a gentleman whose dapper wardrobe was outshone only by his faith and character. This brand pays homage to those roots.

Our Promise

Every time a customer wears one of our face masks and matching bow ties, pocket squares or lapel pins, they’ll draw the attention of everyone around them. When you wear a Ruth Nathan’s piece, compliments are guaranteed.