You’ve taken the clever sartorial step of adding a lapel pin to your accessory collection. Bravo! Now you just have to figure out creative ways of wearing it. Traditionally lapel pins and flowers have been reserved for special occasions like proms and weddings. At Ruth Nathan’s we believe that traditions are like rules; some are meant to be broken. Don’t just save your lapel pin for special occasions when it has the power to upgrade your everyday outfits. Find out how to style yours from the boardroom to the ballroom below.  

Why You Should Wear A Lapel Pin

A pocket square offers subtle elegance and a tie adds its own special flair. So do you really need to add a lapel flower to the mix? Absolutely! Lapel pins are a quick and easy way to look more put together. You don’t have to spend time creating an intricate knot or fold; simply slot your pin into your buttonhole and start looking fabulous. Every Ruth Nathan’s lapel pin and flower has a unique design that will make your outfit stand out in a way that other accessories can’t. Small as it may be, your lapel pin might be the thing that makes a stranger’s head turn or garners a compliment. 

Another great thing about lapel pins is their versatility. Lapel pins were originally made for suit jacket buttonholes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other locations. After all, they are still pins. You can definitely use your lapel flower to spruce up your other jackets, shirts, and sweaters. 

Convinced? We thought so. Let’s explore some creative outfit ideas for your lapel pin. 

How To Wear Your Lapel Pin

The suit jacket remix 1. You can’t go wrong with the traditional combination of a suit jacket and lapel pin. Don’t think you have to reserve this look for a formal suit. Add a smart-casual element by wearing a sweater or t-shirt instead of a button down shirt. 

The suit jacket remix 2. Keep things conventional on top with a suit jacket and button-down shirt. Switch things up by ditching your matching suit pants and opting for chinos or even dark wash denim. Add to the smart-casual vibe by wearing boots instead of dress shoes. 

On your coat lapel. Lapel pins aren’t restricted to suit jackets and blazers. You can use them to embellish heavier coats and jackets. A lapel pin is a great way to make your everyday coat feel fresh and interesting. They’ll sit comfortably on a coat or jacket that has a lapel, but you can also use your pin on lapel-free outerwear. Pin it to where the hypothetical top of a lapel would be. 

On your jacket or shirt placket. A placket is the sturdy strip of fabric where buttons are sewn on. It’s also a great place to pin a small lapel pin, provided you’re planning on wearing your jacket undone. Pro style tip: choose a more formal base layer to keep the outfit feeling smart, like a shirt or fine knit sweater. 

On the breast pocket. Does your shirt or jacket have a breast pocket? Dress it up with a lapel pin! This works best for more casual pieces. Save your formal breast pockets for pocket squares.

On your shirt or blouse. You can still wear a lapel flower when it’s too warm for a top layer. Just pin it to your shirt or blouse! Ladies can treat lapel pins like brooches and add them to dresses as well. 

Styling Tips For Lapel Pins

Add a pocket square if you’re wearing a suit jacket. A pocket square will complete the look. A lapel pin on its own might end up looking lonely. We also recommend adding a tie or bow tie if you’re wearing a collared shirt. 

Coordinate your color scheme. Accessories are a great way to add print and color to an otherwise simple ensemble. Just make sure there’s a method behind the madness. Choose complementary colors and prints. This can either be colors in a similar tone for a monochromatic effect or polar opposites on the color wheel. You can be as bright as you like but stick to no more than 3 colors to keep your look streamlined. When in doubt stick to neutrals

Be confident. You already own a lapel pin, which means you’re ahead of the style game. Own it. If you start to feel even a hint of self-consciousness remember that there are plenty of people admiring your elegant accessories. Wearing a lapel pin makes you a walking inspiration. 

A lapel pin is a surefire way to liven up any outfit. How do you plan on wearing yours?