man wearing black and grey slim bow tie with matching pocket square and maroon sport coat

Image Credit: Rain E. Night

🍂 Fall Wedding Fashion Alert! Whether you’re the groom or a guest, we’ve got your bow tie game covered! Check out our stylish collection for exactly what to wear to a fall wedding:

1️⃣ Batwing Bow Ties in sleek neutral shades (black, white, grey, and tan). Our Peacock #1 Bow tie is a hit with the cool gents. Like a fine wine, pair with our reversible cotton and silk hankies for added delight.

2️⃣ Try our Diamond Point Bow Ties. The Nathan silk bow tie comes in vibrant juniper green with rust orange and pale yellow accents.

3️⃣ Always a crowd pleaser: the Port of Spain Jumbo Butterfly Bow Ties – they encompass a spectrum of colors to match any outfit.

4️⃣ Classic Butterfly Bow Tie – wear it with a crisp white shirt for timeless elegance.

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