It brings us great joy to say that it looks like the end of the coronavirus pandemic is in sight. Restrictions are being loosened and lifted as the world is getting vaccinated. But that doesn’t mean that face masks should be going anywhere. We plan on wearing our face masks until guidelines are completely gone, and beyond that into the regular cold and flu season. You just can’t doubt their effectiveness when it comes to protection. Plus, they can be surprisingly stylish. Ruth Nathan’s collection of designer face masks is all the proof you need. A reusable face mask is a protective item and fashion accessory hybrid that goes a long way. If you’re still relying on disposable face masks from the drug store it’s definitely time to upgrade to a chic reusable version!

Reusable face masks are better for the environment

Wearing a reusable face mask is a no-brainer if sustainability is important to you. You could argue that disposable face masks do more harm than good because of all the waste they generate. Fortunately there’s a very simple solution to the disposable face mask problem; a reusable face mask! Ruth Nathan’s face masks are designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. Created with high quality and easily washable cottons, our fabrics are locally made in the USA courtesy of a company that specializes in eco-friendly printing. A conventional printed fabric can use up to 100 two liter bottles of water to produce only 5 yards of fabric, while ours uses less than a thimble of water! Wearing a Ruth Nathan’s reusable face mask means that you’ll be helping the planet in several ways.

A reusable facemask is more fashion forward

Disposable face masks are practical, but you can’t really call them stylish. Reusable face masks give many more options when it comes to fashion. In fact, they can become the whole focal point of your outfit! Ruth Nathan’s face masks are available in eight unique prints that will definitely bring on the compliments. All of our masks are reversible so they’re not just stylish; they’re versatile. We encourage you to use these prints to your advantage. A cool print can brighten up a simple outfit or make a dressy outfit even more eye-catching. Whether you’re into vibrant stripes or modern geometric shapes, we’ve got the print for you. 

You can match your face mask to the rest of your outfit

Step one was getting a stylish face mask. Step two is treating it like you would any other fashion accessory. This means that you can – and should – match your face mask to the rest of your outfit. It can be as simple as choosing colors that complement your face mask (or vice versa), or as detailed as getting other accessories that match your face mask. Ruth Nathan’s has you covered with accessory kits that feature a matching face mask, handmade bow tie, flower lapel pin, or pocket square. Wearing a matching set will really make you stand out and impress fellow guests at your next special occasion. 

Reusable face masks are more comfortable

Do disposable masks bring back unpleasant memories of the dentist’s office? You won’t have to worry about that with reusable face masks. The playful prints and colors should be enough to brighten your mood. We use comfortable and breathable fabrics like cotton and cotton sateen. Our face masks also come with a nose wire so you can adjust the mask and create the perfect fit. The ear elastics are latex-free to avoid irritation. Reusable face masks are hands down the most comfortable option around.

They’re a great way to give back

Not all purchases are made equal. Buying a Ruth Nathan’s reusable face mask is a great way to give back to the brave healthcare workers that have done so much for all of us during the pandemic. For every face mask purchase, Ruth Nathan’s will also donate a face mask to a healthcare professional or essential worker in need. It’s an accessory that you can truly feel good about wearing. 

Note that Ruth Nathan’s face masks are not a substitution for medical grade personal protective equipment, or PPE. They are a great solution for comfortable and stylish everyday wear in combination with other health and safety guidelines. If you’re wearing a face mask you should still be practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and avoiding touching your face.