Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a challenge. You’ll want something that’s thoughtful, unique, practical, and captures the essence of your dad. We know what you’re thinking: a single item that meets all of those requirements probably doesn’t exist. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Allow us to recommend a handmade bow tie. It definitely ticks all the boxes of a great gift. Give your dad the gift of style this year with one of Ruth Nathan’s handmade bow ties for Father’s Day. 

Why Choose A Handmade Bowtie?

Of all the accessories out there, what makes bow ties so special? Formal accessories come in many different shapes and forms, but bow ties especially stand out. They’re seriously stylish; after all, a bow tie is traditionally worn to accompany a luxurious tuxedo at a black tie event. But they also create a feeling of youthfulness and charm. Bow ties are great for formal events, but they can also be dressed down for casual attire. A handmade bow tie looks just as great paired with a casual button-down and chinos as it does with a three-piece suit. 

Handmade Bow Ties Are Unique

Anyone can go to the mall and buy a gift set from a big box store. But your dad will appreciate you taking the time to research a quality product from a brand that’s truly passionate about what they do. It shows real dedication and style-savvy; he’ll know that he taught you well. Plus, your dad will be left with a one of a kind product. Ruth Nathan’s bow ties are all crafted with love, care, and individuality. All of the prints are designed in house and will be sure to bring compliments. Each style is reversible to encourage different styling options. Whether your dad loves vibrant colors and bold prints or subtle sophistication, you’ll be able to find the perfect bow tie to match his personality at Ruth Nathan’s. 

Handmade Bowties Are Practical

The last thing you want to do is buy a gift that goes unused or won’t stand the test of time. You won’t have to worry about those things with a handmade bow tie. Ruth Nathan’s high quality bow ties will look amazing for years to come. Hear us out: even if your dad isn’t currently a bow tie wearer, one of ours will convert him. Whether your dad lives in jeans and t-shirts or plays it old school and wears a suit every day, chances are he has a necktie in his accessories collection. A handmade bow tie will give him a playful yet elegant alternative when he feels like switching things up. It will make him stand out during special occasions like weddings, holidays, and family gatherings. 

Handmade Bow Ties Are Thoughtful

Most importantly, a handmade bow tie is a thoughtful gift. It shows that you see your dad in a stylish light. Maybe you want to give him a fashion challenge, or maybe you just want to see him wear it on special occasions in the future. This seemingly small piece of fabric has the power to make some serious memories! It’s a great item that you’ll both be able to reminisce about, and it will also make your dad think of you when you’re not able to spend time together. It’s essentially the menswear equivalent of jewelry. 

Tips To Make Your Gift Even More Meaningful

  • Give your dad an occasion to look forward to where he can wear his cool new bow tie. Maybe you already have something lined up, like a wedding or a graduation. If not, check out some local events that would require a semi-formal dress code. You can also use the bow tie as an excuse to finally book dinner at that upscale restaurant that you’ve been meaning to check out!
  • Does your dad have an existing admiration for a bow tie wearing celebrity, like James Bond or Winston Churchill? Play it to your advantage. You can combine your gift with an offer for a James Bond movie marathon or a book about Winston Churchill. Maybe you and your dad unironically watched Bill Nye back in the day. Whatever the case, adding in some quality time will make your gift even more special. 

Order your handmade bow tie today to ensure it arrives in time for Father’s Day!