You have a special occasion on the horizon and outfit planning is on your mind. Formalwear tends to bring out an extra level of attention to detail. We start considering every aspect of our outfit from our heads to our toes. It’s not just about the clothes; accessories are very important. They’re what make us really stand out in a sea of suits and dresses. That’s why bow ties are always a great choice. They create a feeling of elegance, charm, and individuality to any outfit. Now all that remains is where to find your perfect bow tie. You may have been taught to visit a brick and mortar formalwear shop growing up, but nowadays you can save yourself the trip. It’s easy to buy bow ties online, and you’ll be left with a product that won’t disappoint.

Learn about cool independent brands

The world of online shopping is amazing for many reasons. Being able to shop from the comfort of your own home is probably the best reason (we’re talking mid-Netflix session surrounded by your favorite snacks). But a very close second is the ability to discover so many new brands that you’d never find at the mall. We all know that supporting small, independent businesses is great for the economy. Online shopping allows you to do that in the most convenient way possible. 

Ruth Nathan’s Handmade Bow Ties and Accessories, of course, is one of these brands. Unique patterns are designed in-house by founder and chief designer Nicole R. Brown before being printed out on luxurious silks and high quality organic cottons. Our fabrics are printed by an innovative company that specialize in eco-friendly printing. The patterns and colors you see on Ruth Nathan’s bow ties are ones you won’t find anywhere else. When you buy bow ties online from Ruth Nathan’s you’ll become the happy owner of distinctive accessories that will look fantastic for years to come. 

Shop bow ties online on your own terms

There are two kinds of people: those that lovingly use the phrase ‘retail therapy’ and those that will do anything that they can to avoid going into a shop. We get it; brick and mortar shops can be overwhelming. From pushy sales associates to messy displays, physical shopping isn’t for everyone. Online shopping is revolutionary for introverts and people that like to streamline their shopping process. With online shopping you can easily filter through the product range to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

No idea where to start? Online shopping is still great for that. You’ll have all the help you need at your fingertips without any of the awkward conversations that may happen on a shop floor. View our entire product range in peace or check out styling tips on the blog

Find higher quality bow ties online with ease

Oddly enough, formal wear options at the mall or in downtown shopping districts are often limited. You have ultra high end boutiques and luxury department stores that have beautiful products at shocking prices, or trendy fast fashion joints that have good prices but terrible quality. When you shop for bow ties online you can find a happy medium with reasonably priced products that don’t sacrifice quality. At Ruth Nathan’s we take quality seriously; all of our bow ties are handmade in NYC with extra love and care. We source the finest silks and organic cottons to ensure our bow ties feel as great as they look. 

Create custom orders 

Customizations are hard to come by in a big box store. At Ruth Nathan’s they’re a service available to anyone. If you’re planning a wedding you can order customized bow ties, pocket squares, and lapel flower pins for everyone in your party. You have the option of choosing preferred prints and fabrics. We’ll make sure your assortment is complete well in advance so you have one less thing to stress about. 

Sit back and relax

Ok, so we already mentioned the beauty of being able to shop on your couch or even in bed. But we’d like to reiterate that online shopping is available anytime, anywhere. Maybe you spotted a stylish stranger in a bow tie during your commute and suddenly got the urge to buy a bow tie. Don’t make any extra stops on your way home; buy bow ties online instead! Is the date of your next event creeping up on you sooner than you expected? Don’t stress and hit up your friendly, local online shop. And of course, your lovely new bow tie will be delivered right to your door so you’ll never have to deal with crowds or traffic. What’s not to love?