The temperatures are rising, flowers are blossoming, and iced coffee is reappearing on coffee shop menus. You know what that means: wedding season is upon us. Oh, and spring is officially here. 2021’s wedding season may be an intense one, since it will include postponed nuptials from last year as well as those that were planned for this year. If you’re on the hunt for event outfits, you should definitely treat yourself and buy custom bow ties. It will be the standout piece of your outfit and bring you many compliments. 

Bow ties are more unique

Most men and androgynously dressed women opt for neck ties when it comes to formal accessories. If you’re at a formal event like a wedding, or even a more everyday affair that calls for formal attire, bow tie wearers will likely be in the minority. Taking the road less traveled will help you stand out more while giving you bonus style points. It will show your fellow attendees that you’ve got some serious sartorial knowledge.

Custom bow ties allow for more variety

Ok, so neckties do allow for some creative freedom. But you have to look really hard to see the details. The different bow tie shapes are easier to differentiate, from the diamond point to the big butterfly. You’ll definitely have more fun with a bow tie.

Bow ties are sophisticated and playful

Neckties are formal. There are printed novelty ties, but they still have an element of seriousness to them. Bow ties, on the other hand, are able to be equal parts youthful and elegant. This is no small feat for formal accessories. We believe this accomplishment is tied to the history of bow ties. They were more commonplace in the days when men dressed dapper on the daily. Imagine a gentleman in the 1800s wearing a three-piece suit, a top hat, and a bow tie. Can you get any classier?

Bow ties are more practical

Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all been afraid of accidentally dipping our necktie in food or drinks at some point. It’s bound to happen with something that literally dangles down your chest. Compact bow ties are 100% fuss-free. You’ll never have to worry about it swinging around and potentially creating a mess. 

Custom bow ties are worn by the most stylish men on the planet

What do James Bond, Frank Sinatra, Rihanna, and Childish Gambino have in common? You guessed it: they all wear bow ties. Over the years bow ties have gotten a strange reputation. Comical personalities like Bill Nye and Dr. Who always wore bow ties, which might have made them seem like the less stylish choice. But every red carpet event is filled with dapper gents and stylish ladies who rock bow ties like no one else. 

We’ve now established that bow ties are an elite formal accessory. Choosing a custom bow tie over a mass-produced one will give you all of the aforementioned benefits and more.

You’ll have a genuinely unique item that’s been tailor-made for you

Not many people can say that about their clothes or accessories. Owning something custom-made will give you a sense of pride and individuality. You’ll feel proud to have supported a small business, and you’ll know that you’re wearing something that’s truly one of a kind.

Your custom bow tie will be made of the finest quality

From the material to the craftsmanship, a custom made bow tie is made with the utmost attention to detail. Ruth Nathan’s bow ties are made with high quality fabrics like silk crepe de chine and cotton sateen. All the prints are designed in-house and are truly distinctive from any other contemporary brand. 

Custom accessories have the power to make an event more memorable

You know just how important the details are if you’re planning an event. Customized items, from bow ties to napkins, make the event feel more special. If you choose a plain black bow tie from a chain store to accessorize your wedding suit you may not remember it several years down the line. A custom bow tie will stay in your heart and mind forever. 

Check out Ruth Nathan’s collection of stylish custom bow ties for your upcoming events this spring and summer. Those that are planning weddings can request packages that cater to everyone in the wedding party.