Handmade bow ties are must-have accessories for anyone that wants to make a stylish statement. Bow ties were the original accessory of choice for dapper gentlemen. They’ve since taken a slight backseat to the more reserved neck tie, but have made a strong comeback in recent years. The world’s most stylish people love to include bow ties in their red carpet and off-duty ensembles for good reason. Whether your bow tie is solid or printed, it will take your outfit to the next level. Find out exactly how to find the right handmade bow ties for you in our guide below.

If you’re new to the world of bow ties you might not know where to start. Don’t worry – we got you. Ruth Nathan’s has an excellent selection of high quality handmade bow ties for every taste. You can start small and subtle or decide to join the urban peacocks with one of our uniquely designed prints

The great thing about bow ties is that they can be worn in so many different ways. You may associate them with formalwear, but bow ties also look great with more casual looks. Channel your inner James Bond by wearing your bow tie at black tie event. Or make your next bar crawl more fun by pairing a bow tie with a denim shirt. You may be very pleasantly surprised at how much wear you’ll get out of a bow tie.

Choose a luxurious fabric for your handmade bow tie

Somewhere along the way bow ties have gotten a bit of an *ahem* reputation. Stylish people like John Legend and Janelle Monae have often proven that bow ties are elegant accessories. But the likes of Bill Nye have sometimes given people the wrong associations. Fortunately there’s an easy way to ensure your bow tie will always look sophisticated instead of silly. All you need to do is choose the right fabric. Ruth Nathan’s makes it easy by using luxurious materials like silk and crepe de chine. Our handmade bow ties are designed with style in mind and will always create a refined feeling. 

Keep things proportionate

This is straightforward enough. Choose a smaller bow tie if you have a smaller frame. Those with bigger frames can experiment with bigger styles. Keeping your proportions in mind will help you look more put together. A big bow tie will stand out more, but choosing a size-appropriate one will ultimately be the more flattering choice. 

Always wear your handmade bow tie with a collared button-down

Some people might wear neckties over t-shirts, but we believe in sticking to traditions when it comes to bow ties. They sit beautifully under the collar of a crisp shirt. You don’t have to stick to the tradition of wearing your bow tie with a full suit. Feel free to experiment with more casual looks. Bow ties add a dressier element to outfits with jeans and chinos. The next time you wear a smart-casual outfit with a shirt, why not add a handmade bow tie? 

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns

Print lovers rejoice! Bow ties are just made to be mixed with other prints and textures. Just keep your color palette in a similar tone. If you’re new to the world of prints you can also use bow ties to make a subtle statement. This is a great way to build up your confidence when it comes to color and print. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a matching set either. Going the matching route ensures a distinguished look no matter the occasion. 

Stick to self-tie options

Fortunately all of Ruth Nathan’s handmade bow ties are self-tie. You’ll learn a new skill, which will bring you extra confidence. A self-tie option will always look more sophisticated and, well, better. Clip-ons and pre-tied bow ties tend to be quite obvious and also look cheaper. Learning how to tie a bow tie is likely easier and more fun than you think! 

We hope that this guide has made you feel more confident about experimenting with bow ties. Which handmade bow ties will you be adding to your collection?