To exercise or accessorize? Why not both? The ideal modern man is both a fit gym rat and a well-accessorized GQ model. Modern men know about the unique must-have accessories that every man must own.

In today’s hyper-competitive fashion culture, you, my friend, need a competitive edge. Or maybe a man in your life does. Find men’s must-have accessories for 2021 by reading this article.

This Year’s Must-Have Accessories

Men of culture wear bow ties. That’s undeniable. If you don’t already, level up with an accessory that exudes class, refinement, taste, and sophistication.

May we interest you in the Port of Spain bow tie? It features a lively, colorful pattern reminiscent of a city’s rush hour’s flow and traffic. The pattern is set on the bias to evoke maximum movement.

It’s handmade in New York City, fashioned from organic cotton sateen. The Port of Spain, ladies and gentlemen.

Did someone say “remix”? The Port of Spain Remix tones down the original tie’s celebratory vibes with muted notes.

It’s made completely from silk crepe de chine and sports a signature print stripe. 

Let’s transition from that timeless accessory to a trendier piece: masks. These face coverings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

True to form, we here at Ruth Nathan’s have you covered with the most stylish mask designs.

The Morgan Curved mask, for example, stands out with a crimson red signature print. Made entirely of cotton and Oeko-Tex certified inks, this handmade mask is sewn to last.

With a nose wire included for an adjustable fit, the mask spans 12 inches at its widest point and is about 6.5 inches high. It features a double layer for added warmth.

Keep On Accessorizing

Accessories abound at Ruth Nathan’s.

Have you considered a pocket square, my good sir? Ah yes, the ever-stylish pocket square is just the thing you’re missing from your new suit.

The Franc Bleu pocket square will make you feel and look like you recently returned from a vacation in the French Riviera. Its watercolor pen lines draw inspiration from French Polynesian currency.

It prepares you to dance under the stars at midnight at an Art Deco gala. Its Polynesian blue signature print is fabricated purely from silk crepe de chine. 

For a final touch of elegance, get a lapel pin. The Natalie Rose lapel pin is a rose pink silk.

It’s nearly indistinguishable from a real, live, blush pink rose blooming from a man’s chest. This pin tells the world its wearer is a man of sentiment, with a heart. It breathes new, masculine life into the saying, “Rosé all day.”

GQ‘s on the Phone

Those are the new year’s must-have accessories. Pretty suave, right?

The modern gentleman doesn’t have it easy. He wants to look his best to be his best.

Give him a leg up by shopping at Ruth Nathan’s today.