The last year and a half has brought about a lot of changes to our lives and our wardrobes. Some have been more welcome than others, and some we’ve just had to learn to embrace. Take 2020’s unexpected fashion accessory of the year, the face mask. Trendsetters all over the world were quick to turn the obligatory PPE piece into a stylish part of their outfits. These fashion-forward folks have proved that the best way to make your face mask look cool is to match it to the rest of your outfit. You could do the easy thing and choose a mask in a similar color palette, or you could be bold with a matching bowtie and face mask

You may have thought that face masks were a fleeting requirement, but now it seems like they’re here to stay. It’s definitely time for a more permanent upgrade if you’re still using disposable medical masks. There are many benefits to cloth face masks, from being friendlier for the environment to simply looking better than their generic counterparts. As for bowties? They’re an iconic fashion accessory that will have you looking dapper for any occasion. Matching your bowtie and face mask is a genius way to accessorize for 2021. Ruth Nathan’s handmade bowties and face masks will have you covered all year long. 

Look more put together

Matching sets are pretty much synonymous with great style. Think about it: suits are the OG matching set and they’ve stood the test of time for decades. The matching rule has often extended to accessories too. We’ve probably all been told to match our shoes to our belt at some point in our lives. Choosing sets feels more intentional and smarter than wearing random accessories, so a matching bowtie and face mask just makes sense. 

They work for all sorts of occasions

Now that things seem back on track towards normality, you might find yourself out and about more often than last year. This means you’ll get to bust out your dressy clothes and finest accessories, which now includes face masks. Whether you’re heading back to the office, finally attending a postponed wedding, or just getting your social groove back a handmade bowtie will be a welcome addition to your shirt and dress pants combo. Since you’ll probably be required to wear a face mask during all of these occasions, why not choose one that matches your bowtie for the perfect finishing touch?

Let your bowtie and face mask set make the statement

Having ultra cool accessories means you can let them do the heavy lifting style-wise and keep the rest of your outfit simple. This is a trick that some of the world’s most stylish people swear by. The prints on Ruth Nathan’s handmade bowties and face masks are bright and eye-catching enough that you won’t have to think too much about the rest of your outfit. You can just stick to the classics, like crisp white shirts and pants or full suits in neutral colors like black, navy, and gray. Like they say, work smarter, not harder!

Stand out from the crowd

Face masks have definitely become normalized, but most people still like to play it safe with plain colors like black and white. It’s only the daring that go for unique prints. When you add a matching bowtie to the mix you’ll be a bonafide part of the fashion elite. And when face masks cover up so much of your expressiveness, why shouldn’t we choose cool and colorful prints that will smile for us? No one will mistake you for just another passerby. You’ll be the dapper one with the matching bowtie and face mask, bringing new life to the street style world. Choosing a Ruth Nathan’s set is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest. Our handmade bowties and face masks all come in uniquely designed prints that are worlds away from the mass-produced goods you’d find at the big box stores. 

Up your accessories game

Fashion in general has taken a very casual turn over the past year. We can’t really blame people for living in sweats while being stuck at home, but now that we’re emerging from our caves there’s no better time to bring back classic style. Bowties are essential to this. Most will choose neck ties instead of bowties, so by choosing this road less traveled you’ll already be kicking it up a notch. Bowties are sophisticated yet playful, and add an element of youthfulness to your formal or business outfits. If you want to go all out you can also invest in a matching pocket square or lapel flower

It’s the best of both worlds

One is the loneliest number, after all. Sets are amazing because of their versatility. Obviously you can wear them together, but at the end of the day you’ll be left with two great items that you can also experiment with separately. When you truly love a print you’ll want it in as many versions as possible so you can get the most out of it. Wearing your set together will always look amazing, but your bowtie and face mask will still look great if worn individually. The options are practically endless! We’re not saying you’ll end up regretting not getting the other half of a set, but you may end up thinking about the piece you don’t have and all the ways you could be wearing it. Just saying. 

So there you have it. Ruth Nathan’s matching bowtie and face mask sets are clearly the accessories to have for 2021. Shop yours today.